Treasure Market - Weekend Bargain Bazaar was run for several years with a great deal of success at Kastle Rock Couture. Now it's back and its at Mirage!
The market will differ this time in the sense that it will now cater to the roleplay crowd. The items may or may not be brand new creations, but they will only appear in the market once and they will be 50% off or less!
Just head to the right after landing at Mirage, you'll find Treasure Market in the middle of the bazaar area.

Merchant Info
  • There are 2 options available. A wall space (max 5 prims $100L) or a stand (max 2 prims. $40L)
  • Pricing, availability, rules and prim allowances subject to change
  • all items are at least 50% off
  • Items can appear in the market only once
  • Items are roleplay related (any RP not just Arabian or Gorean)
  • Items are your design. No resellers, no BIAB, no pre-textured "full perm" items you have not altered
  • No old items no longer up to current standards
  • Sales start by 12:01AM on the 21st of each month 
  • Set up is required by 11:59PM on the 20th
  • Booths are "first come" to ensure fairness
  • You must re-rent each month
  • Anyone renting a store at Mirage gets a 2 prim stand for free
  • You cannot rent more than one space for the same store.
  • You may rent more than one space if you have more than one store selling completely different items
  • Sim has a moderate rating - any adult items tastefully displayed
  • If you make a new item exclusive to the sale for the duration of the round, it will be given top billing in our blog and notecard advertising. 
  • We ask that everyone aim to make a new, exclusive item each month but it is not required.
Merchants who'd like to display their wares will need to visit the BlogSpot for Mirage to fill out an application and let the staff at Mirage know of your interest!


Michigan's Shack - 2WAT Michigan
=Mirage= Arabian Treasure Co. - Spooky Mistwallow
Elegance - Elysa Swansong
Dream Things - Pia Uladstron
Loordes of London - Coleen Macarthur
United InshCon - Eldowyn Inshan
Bad Katz - Katz Republic
Fairey Angel Creations - Jillian Fairey
::Cherry Pie:: - Food/H&G - Sharaya Munro
Iron Tiger - Una Basevi
Soulglitter - Auroris Resident
Several spots still available! Designers will need to swoop in and claim the best spots soon!

Whether you like to retreat to the past, the future, a fantasy land filled with the Jin and Aladdin, a fictional space adventure with Spock, Kirk and the gang or any other favorite fairy tale you can imagine, create and display or come and fill your coffers with this treasure-filled market!

Great prices for roleplaying avatar!
An adventure worth the time to take to explore!


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