Thursday, March 13, 2014

Did You Spring Back?!?

Spring is almost here!
Sunday night at midnight we, in the US, rolled our clocks back an hour for daylight savings time! Some of us may have forgotten... some may have done it but gone thrown off because SL did not do it! hahaha! This is one of the signs we have that winter is almost over and spring is about to arrive. Whew... I am soo glad! Not that the SL creativity has slowed it's pace, but I for one am ready to start concentrating on a more sunny environment!
There is SO much going on right now it's totally NUTZ! Here's a little of what I know is happening:
The World Tour Hunt 2014
(This brand new Kastle/Electric hunt features 7 small paths of
no more than 20 stores each, themed after the continents.)
Moolto Sister's Hunt (all this month)
Relay For Life
(American Cancer Society & too many designers to name across the grid)
Women/Menstuff MegaHunt
Mardi Gras
FaMESHed (almost over)
Whore Fair (almost over)
Love Is In The Air (over or almost)
St. Patrick's Day (next Sat)
I have been traveling and hunting quite a bit and searching for information you, my readers, have expressed your appreciation about in the past (i.e. up-to-date where to find lists for everything SL). Drumroll please ....
An updated shoe list is on the way! Especially Slink add-on designers since they seem to be the most popular at the moment. I will list the other alternative options you have for Slink feet on this list as well. I look forward to getting this information to you and having your feedback on updates I may have missed or just happened.
In the meantime...
I eagerly bring some formal Gems I found!


As I shiver delightfully in the remnants of winter around the grid in this wardrobe essential from Kastle Rock and Spooky Mistwallow, this mesh one-piece gives you the look of a two-piece formal gown.  A classic styling of silver sequins make up a provocative deep V'd sleeveless, tunic length, halter styled bodice.
Gathered in a V at the bottom around the hips and belted with a stunningly detailed wide steel belt. The bare back of halts just above the belt exposing just enough skin to lure that special male into a close dance or soft embrace.
The form-fitting, glittery bodice covers a long A-line satiny black skirt that elegantly swirls in what's called a "trumpet" around the ankles in a tickle of soft perfection. This is a gown you would picture adorning one of the greats like Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich! I need a wrap!
Come get me at
While winter at midnight offers some interesting color tones to compliment the enticing outfit, I found a more suitable, slightly warmer climate to show my admiration of this captivating gown! A contrasting but suitable spring background and an aristocratic setting where no wrap is required!

Taken at
A combination of Finesmith's edgy Grapa Darkness necklace and bracelet, Emo-tions stylishly disarrayed updo, Tyra, in flames and Look At Me earrings creates a daringly innovative look.

Taken at The Lost Town

Tulip's Twisted Sandals, I found at Collabor8 for Slink feet, compliment my styling of the opera-worthy design.

Skin: Belleza-Mellisa, Slink hands adorned with ZOZ Silver Swirl Polish, Makeup is enhanced by Game in white/black by White Widow surrounding Fashism's Sunrise Pale Turquoise eyes and Bliss' Princess gloriously long prim lashes.

White Widow's Game in black/white

Snowpaw's Rosazul
Carnation Gown


This delectable strapless gown is an impeccable choice for either the Love we've recently shared in February or the season of Spring, which is right around the corner! Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaw Fashions has provided her loyal followers with another masterpiece!

Taken at Image Essentials Studio,

Starting at the top of this form-fitting silky mermaid gown is a romantic sweetheart bodice in a bright floral pattern of tie-dyed orchids. One of the bewitching details Ms. Snowpaw put so lovingly into this gown is the eye-catching diamonds set in gold that outline the top of the bust. She continues with an intricate lattice work of shiny copper and amethyst gems laying delicately across the open expanse of chest.

Includes Zuri Rayna's Embrace Set, Amacci's Caryn Updo, White Widow's Valentine Pink & Glamorize Bright Berry Lips
The back dips precariously down to the top of the buttocks dipping dangerously to show all the sensual curves of the back and held together by thin crisscrossed straps and a large cut amethyst gem at the end of the dip. A fragrant orchid lei rests exquisitely on the hip. It has several flowing prim skirt choices to choose from. From  short to long skirt lengths, it leaves a train of gauzy layered chiffon confection to follow in your wake or whirl around your feet as you saunter or dance your way to wherever you may be going. It also comes in several colors of soft silken orchid prints.

Amacci's  Maria
Part of the February finery, Zuri Rayna's enchanting Embrace collection brings out the green in the leaves of the floral texture of the gown adding another layer of elegance. Zuri Jewelry's use of alexandrite is stunning in this gold collar design necklace that has a large pear shaped gem pointed up at the point then another gem of equal size dangling below in a pendant of detailed thick waved gold setting.
The earrings are made to match also with two alexandrite gems in a gold setting to match the pendant.

Amacci's  Caryn; Chop Zuey's Heart & Soul Set

I found three (3) hairstyles I thought enhanced Ms. Snowpaw's ensemble and all were from Amacci.

Amacci's  Estra; Chop Zuey's Heart & Soul Set
All have delicately stunning flower(s) adorning the updo which are comprised of sophisticatedly woven locks giving a unique look in each coiffure. Each have color-changing flower attachments with 15 colors to choose from. Maria offers three (3) flower versions and a resize option. Caryn includes the 15 colors and a necklace and handwrist flower.

For makeup, I was equally entranced by White Widow's Valentine Pink eye tattoo and Amacci's Eye Tattoo Divine in Green Lash. Each creating a dramatic effect to complement Snowpaw's exciting spring creation!

More exciting spring and holiday choices to entice and fire your imagination to come! HUGS!


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