Monday, February 10, 2014


 Y  Valentine's Day is just 4 days away! For my Valentine, who's birthday was on the 4th, I got a little something that will remind him of me every time he starts the car! Combined with his favorite animal... it seemed the perfect starter for more birthday fun! It's a little pink pig keychain that lights up on the nose and oinks when you push the button!! HAHAHA!  Hmmm, wonder what you'll be getting your Valentine... and what you're going to wear!?!

    Well, in case you're going out or decide just to have a snuggle in by the fire with your Valentine, here's a few suggestions from my favorite and amazingly unique friends! This is the first installment of several outfits. The two that I've chosen are from the same designer; however, each have a unique flair. The first is a mix and match where each piece is sold separately and great for those high altitude romps through the snow before warming up in front of a roaring fire to snuggle!

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    Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture has designed a form fitting white mesh Valentine jacket. Incredibly trendy with etched silver buttons over a silver zipper. Spooky included buttoned pockets as well to keep your hands toasty for the few weeks we have left of winter. The jacket has been left unzipped to show a high collar made of fleece in a holiday trendy pink heart print. Her customary flair for detail is fantastic!

     Choosing the stylish brown and pink theme, I chose KRC's Midwaist Skinny Pants in brown to wear with GOS Pink Triumph boots for trekking through the snow or cold rain, depending on where you are. Asymetrique jewelry by Je Suis is the perfect titivation afforded by the color changing options provided. Marzia Ackles created a "gem" with this one! Although this jacket can be worn without an undershirt for a more sexy appeal, I chose to wear a light sleeveless mesh sweater tinted in a matching color by Shelby Silverspar. Belleza - Melissa tan skin and Slink elegant hands are a staple for me along with Fashism's Sunrise eyes in Pale Turquoise. Lastly for the perfect snow bunny look, I chose Amacci's Karen hair in Henna that has a delightful color changing wool hair band over a pulled back and teased retro casual style.

     Second outfit on the agenda is KRC's Chanell Trench Coat. A modish mesh coat made of a gorgeous paisley print mixing red, burgundy, coral and black colors within the material. Black satin/linen  mix trims the collar, a belted trim at the cuffs and waist. The belt is jauntily tied instead of buckled.

     This coat grants an impeccable picture as you jet around the grid looking for that unique gift or exploring with your Valentine.  Stunning by itself as a dress, as I chose to wear it or over pants or a skirt (carefully chosen) to wear underneath. My Audrey Hepburn inspired styling was spruced up a bit by the romantic Venice Rose jewelry set by Zuri Rayna. An impressive array of old world elegance entwined with modern vogue, these glittering rubies set in gold surround your neck with glamour finding a single rose on the right illuminated by a spray of gold filigree concluding the effect. The earrings of just a single smaller rose adorned by the spray of gold filigree are a flawless accompaniment.

     Following the motif, I added an Audrey hat by Ellysium adjusting the beige band to a burgundy on top of Truth's Fernanda, an elegantly dashing updo with a braided side part leading to a loose knot behind the left ear and a light lock escaping confinement on the right.

     WWI Army Girl Garters in Jet Black by Minde Mills, which I found on the marketplace, adds a pinch of burlesque and Prestige boots in grape (a choice of the red leather package) by BAX always add that certain distinction to any outfit. I also added BBE's Subtle Pink Shadow to my Belleza-Melissa skin and Zuri's Ruby Princess ring set in gold patina to my Slink elegant hands... and VIOLA! a stunning travel outfit!



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