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New Spring Gems...

There are two new designers that have crossed my path that I'd like to introduce all my readers to. The first  is new to me even though you may have bought her dresses and are ahead of me already. "Ever An' Angel" has produced some really wonderous dress designs from vintage to roleplay to modern... formal and casual. They I did finally get a chance to try. It did look really good on my friend and I really like the eyeshadows; however, the lipsticks are a bit unusual which makes it hard to match to some outfits because of it. The piece I'm featuring though is called...
Dinner At Eight

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I love this gown! It's a very romantic evening gown full of amazing details starting with a strapless bodice that has a lace embroidered piece at the bust. A delicate tunic is worn over the sensual silk of intricate embroidery in black hanging to the hips. The shimmering silken gown itself, in A-line style, is a duo-tone and available several different color combinations. The skirt is an added layer to the gown and is a sexy semi-transparent silk that billows out from the knees and is trimmed with a row of black lace showing that the enthralling gown is trimmed in matching black lace underneath!

Antique Pink Pearls and Diamonds
from Zuri Rayna of Zuri's Jewelry

Amazing vintage jewelry set from Zuri's! Four rows of lovely pink cultured pearls with a huge pear shaped diamond in the center. A dainty filigree of shiny silver is the setting for smaller pearls dangling from the center. A matching bracelet with three rows of matching pink pearls. The gleaming silver filigree; however, is in the center of the bracelet and hosts smaller similar pearls along with a large brilliant diamond in the center. The earrings are as stunning as the rest of the set they belong to. A hook piercing attached to a large pink cultured pearl supports a finely designed silver filigree with the elegant small pearls set ornately around a pear shaped diamond in the center and a larger tear drop shaped pearl beneath that. Gorgeous!!

Hair:         Emo-tions ~ Mabel in Flames
Shoes:      KoiKoi ~ Perfetti
Makeup:   Glamorize: Vices Sweet Pink
Skin:         [Hush]: Jenny
Eyes:        Fashism Sunrise-Pale Turquoise

MORE on the way!



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