Monday, August 29, 2011


hair & clothes
Created by Mirja Mills

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One of the greatest attractions to SecondLife© is that it offers you the opportunity to be whatever or whoever you want to be. Emo-tions hair & clothes makes it just that much easier for you to look your absolute best in the role play world’s you choose to inhabit within SL©.



A babydoll mini with long sleeves. The sweetheart bodice of intricate lace is accompanied by long sleeves and semi-transparent silk flared ends matching the multi-layered prim skirt in a semi-transparent silk duo tone fabric. Attached just under the bust with a white band tied in a bow in the front.

A sensually stylish way to explore Paris art, special gardens, your favorite night spot or just a visit with your hunny.


Another gorgeous long hair that's swept up into a loose ponytail and fluffed out to frame your head. Long layered bands are partially side-parted for an chic casual look.


The greek goddess of philosophy/ wisdom but also known as a warrior who has the strength of both man and woman on her side. Cunning and feminine all in one. This outfit embodies those qualities in the leather armored bodice, spiked shoulder plates, gold inlaid gloves. It comes with a long or short skirt attached made of brown leather, black netting and gauze material in a brown/gold print with a gold metal belt that wraps the mid section invitingly. Gold inlaid leather leggings to protect and add mystery. Matching bold circle earrings in black & silver.

A shrewd companion for any hero or god!


A wonderfully full head of long hair in just the right amout of disarray for an active woman who may have to fight her way through the horde. Pulled back with a metal clasp on the top to keep it out of eyes that need to see everything.



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Friday, August 12, 2011



An elegant halter formal for the most posh or
romantic occasions. Snowpaws has outdone
herself with this mermaid-style creation!

A cornflower blue gown that is form fitting from
the almost strapless bodice to the hips in scrunched
chiffon where layers of transparent chiffon surround
the legs with an airy train flowing down the back.

Beautiful matching flowers with gems set in
the center are positioned at the waist and
middle of the bust only add to this glorious gown.


         Jewelry is Destiny by Eden Jewelry

The hair is by L+N released at the HairFair 2011.
Skin is Melissa by Belleza.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011



A stunning halter style flapper dress in bright silver sequins exposing creamy shoulders and an expanse of back. The bodice is a deep V above fun silver fringe that hangs in layers from just under the bust, at the waist and dangling all the way to the ankles showing constant glimpses of sensual legs.

Two ways to wear... as a mod mini or an elegant cocktail dress.

A glorious dress that gives a romantic old-world film style glamore to any wardrobe. Available in silver or black.


The highlighted tones of a short haired updo with an elegant braid surrounding the upward flow of this multi-colored hair. A daring long side swept bang adding a mysteriously sensual element.

Availble in many striking equally highlighted colors!


A sexy long side parted hair with a textured summer hat!

Two layers of hair to provide a naturally full looking layered look down to the waist. Beautiful highlights in every color option. And layers have the option of attaching to two different places for easy wear.

Lou Lou comes in black, blonde, brown, dark brown, dark red, flames, naturals and snow. This is a "Lady Godiva" style hair that is stunning as it moves.

The hat comes with a script to change colors to match each of the dress color options: emerald, brown, black, red, violet, or pink.



This is an absolutely striking mini! In fun colors of emerald, brown, black, red and pink, the low V'd halter has a lace trim to show plenty of cleavage while the skirt layers start at just below the bust to just below the hips in a silken swirl that move every time you do!

Bangles that extend from wrist to elbow and cloth ankle boots with cute little ruffles and matching ankle bracelets accompany this dress to perfection!

I chose to ad League's Wanderer necklace and Purple Moon's Bark nails to the brown outfit.

And Finesmith's new Wild Necklace and Ocean Nails with the emerald one.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ren’s Renderings - Part IV



Why do I say OMG? Because most people I’ve met go “nuts” over hair including me! It’s an expression of who we are like the rest of the choices we have that make up the complete Avatar. Hair doesn’t stop there though. It provides representation, can make you feel elegant, graceful or chic and it heightens fashion!
Amacci Trisha

The other reason for the “OMG” is that there are so many different styles of hair that can role play and decide one day to be a long haired beauty, the next a short haired vixen, the next cinderella with a simple knot and a grand tiara, the next wear gorgeous intricate braids or design with flowers and gems then the next, LOL, wear a futuristic grandious sculpture! And through all this we can be dark and mysterious with blacks, sunny and glorious with blondes, stylish and warm with browns or adventurous and fiery with reds!

There are so many different hair makers and ways to wear your hair in SL! Some of the looks I’ve chosen to show in this article are from Amacci, Emo-tions, Edelstore and Ava-Tare.

Amacci Sibylla

Amacci is one of the those few designers, Carina Larson, who has been in SL for over 4 years. She is still one of the Top designers of today. Amacci has expanded from hair to everything that completes an entire avatar including skins, shapes, eyes, poses, makeup and even jewelry! Showing are two of her new designs for this summer and presented at this year’s HairFair, Trisha & Sibylla.

EdelStore started in 2008 but Tanja74, the owner, has been crazy busy in creating hair of all kinds for every AV and has a Hair Mall with over 1,000 hairs to choose from. She also created the dress I’ve worn in the 4 pics demonstrating this wonderful scripted hair, Alisson, that ties in a knot on one side and hangs in kinky waves over the shoulder. Click it and the script has you untying the knot and the side parted hair falling down your back!

She’s the only one of two designers I’ve seen do this with hair and scripting.

EMO-tions has been in SL since 2007. Mirja started with sizzling hair designs and has done the sensationally romantic to the fantastic for roleplay. She does this for both men and women, many are unisex too. She does one to two new hair designs each week which you can see on her personal website and Moolto blogs.

Mirja has since expanded into amazing roleplay outfits that delight and inspire! The hair shown is Ariadne which can be worn as a messy sexy short style or add gorgeous long braids that hang down the front to the waist.

See you next time!

Vanity Hair- (one of best for models/older & well known)
Truth - Truth Hawks(one of Best/oldest in SL)
Maitreya - Onyx Leshelle
Amacci - (older & one of best in SL
Tukinowaguma Hair Style (Newer but one of Best in SL atm)
Ploom (new and one of Best in SL for models)
Bliss Courture (model hair mostly low lag)
House of Benningborough (model hair low lag)
Zero Style (japanese and other styles/older & good hair)
elikatira - Elikapeka Tiramisu
Emo-tions (newer but has lots good hair; lots alphas)
brgn.halberstam - L+N Signature Designs; Hair & Fashion-low prim (avant garde, runway, fantasy)
Wasabi Pills Hair
Milestone Creations (been around awhile :) fantasy)
LAQ (one of older designers/great daily & runway styles)
Donna Flora (one of oldest/vintage & runway styles)
Frou-frou (runway styles)
L+N (runway & fantasy styles)
Bish (everyday & runway hair/one of oldest & best in SL)
Damselfly (one of oldest; good designs)
Adam N Eve-Sachi Vixen (one of oldest/best in SL)
Tami McCoy (one of oldest in SL)
DrLife (great for long hair)
dDx (been around awhile offers fantasy & unique styles)
Clawtooth (long time resident & hair maker)
WAKA & Yuki
99 Elephants
CaTwa - catwa clip
Angel (New but good hair)
3636 - (New)
AMG Boudoir
Black Maria
SAIKIN and booN
Tiny Bird
Magika - Sabina Gully (everyday/one of oldest)
Bish (one of oldest/Best in SL)
Sky Everett (few but one of oldest/Best in SL)
Pocket Mirrors
LoQ - Parvarti Monday
Milana - Sharifa Morenz
(RED) Mint yuck- Moni Schulze
BB - CherryLips DagoStino
Fab-U-Lous - Alisivia Tyran (black woman hair)
A&A - Alice Klinger (lots of hair/lots of alphas)
EdelStore - Tanja74 Diesel (one of oldest/1000 hairs+)
Fierce Body BoutiQue - Sueoria Emerald (bases)
Discord Designs / dDx - Kallisti Burns (braids)
Beautiful Dirty Rich - Cameron Vasliov (cheap & lots of alphas)
MADesigns Hair/KMADD - Maddox DuPont (mens)
MIA - Gisele Grizot
Coco Nikita (hair & accessories)
D'Pelos - Zaphiry Bonetto (women's hair)
Tangles (new)
DrLife (shiny long, some updos/japanese hair)
MrSigmund Fride - (few styles but nice)
Strand (nice updos with hats)
CiC (some good styles with hair pretties)

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