Tuesday, July 12, 2011

K-CODE Great new Designer with City-type Styling!!

Check out K-CODE, Kara Dresler is a great new designer. She's been in SL for a little over 1 year and she's wonderful with sculpty parts that really work your Viewer2 to the max!

Here's some great pics of the same outfit and a new line she's just started for Beachwear!

K-CODE's Rock'n Style 4

This includes the oufits Ashley Jacket, Erika and Alice boots!

Just to let you know... you create a an outfit in Viewer2 then add the other parts to wear them all at the same time! Took me a little while to figure it out but is a great feature that works well when you need to wear multiple objects with the same outfit and in the same spot for attaching.

Jewelry is Folium by Finesmith
Nails are Shocking by Finesmith
Hair is an oldie but goodie,
     Birdie by House of Heart
Skin is Melissa by Belleza

You can wear this Style Card so many ways! The possibilities are almost limitless :D Have Fun and go by K-CODE soon!


Now for the new Beachline, which is just the start of what Kara has in store for us!


I love this bikini! Duo toned in lime/kelly green, blue/spring green, red violet/blue, light red/dark red, light blue/dark blue and purple/olive for you to choose the colors you feel good in!

Jewelry, made by Crystal Line, matches the square metal details at the halter neck with teardrop opening in front and a T strapped back and a metal square on each hip. The bag made by Zippers is perfect for a day at the beach. The hair is an Annette Funicello do in Bordeaux from Vanity Hair. The bows change to accent any color you choose. Flipflops are a the only way to walk on the beach and these have these terrific anklets in a wonderful neutral color with colorable nails. Belleza Melissa tanned skin provides the sunkissed glow showing how much you love the sun!

You can get just one or the whole fat pack of Sabrina by K-Code "In The Sun" line by Kara Dresler today!

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