Wednesday, May 28, 2014

GEMS Found at the FashionArt Fair!

I found more Gems at the FashionArt Fair... you've seen one so far! These next two styles are from Snowpaws and Carrie Snowpaw has outdone herself again with the exclusive designs she created for this fair!! Snowpaws has been in SL since 2009 offering customers and group members more and better dresses, both formal and daywear, as well as trendy outfits and petite creations. Now she's an award winning designer but has never forgotten her roots or her customer base. She continues to bring us wonderful and imaginative creations in a very manageable price range. She also participates in many sales groups, fairs and events throughout SL and her main store bringing even better opportunities to obtain her fabulous quality wear!


Photograph by Silver Feather Studios
Kodaijin Starfall
Courtesan is an amazing old school dress that was conceived because of a request by a customer for one of Carrie's mini-dress creations to be made long. By "old school", I mean it is a system cocktail dress with prim and updated mesh attachments that make up the dress. I'm also referring to the style. It is reminiscent of the styles from the 1940's. The elegant and detailed texture of bright rich colors give Courtesan an embroidered look over a silk backing.

A delicious low sweetheart bodice has a scalloped detail to the one-shoulder A-style design. The capped sleeve and above the knee slit slim skirt have a gold tasseled fringe giving the elegance of the dress a delightfully jazzy appeal. The Courtesan is offered in Peacock (shown), Flamingo and Gold Finch.

Next in line is the...
Giada Gown
A fine velvety soft jersey knit comprises this long sleeved empire/ mermaid floor-length gown.  The deep scoop necked bodice is adorned with exquisite matching jewels and diamonds in the front and at the end of the sumptuous dip in the back almost making it unnecessary for any other trimming.

Image Essentials Studios & Poses
A trumpet skirt of jersey topped with delightful organza swells from your calves to polished triumph at your feet. In several marvelous colors and prints. Shown here in black and grey pinstripe with jewels of onyx and diamonds and romantic blue floral tie-dyed print called Frost.

Image Essentials Studios & Poses
The Arbor of Love
Frost is also shown without it's inclusive front decoration of blue topaz and diamond gems and instead is adorned by Zuri Rayna's Czarina Jewelry set
Zuri's Jewelry

made of dark blue topaz gems and antique gold pearls set in a dark antique gold in a baroque style. The head piece, although from another set called Sarah, matches ideally. Ms. Rayna's elaborately sophisticated vintage style blends two worlds together quite bewitchingly.

The long over one shoulder hair from Exile s appropriately named "Criminal" continues the come-hither styling. Ever An' Angel's Tone Faces in Exotics offer a seductive makeup along with Maimai's Natur'O Stiletto Pumps in Stardust realize the overall mysterious artistry.

Both of these wonderful designs from Snowpaws can be found at the FashionArt Fair. The fantastic poses I've used in both of these shots are available at Image Essentials Studios and Poses. Snowpaws and Image Essentials can both be found at the FashionArt Fair but only until May 31st. That's this Saturday so hurry over to see all the wonderful Fashion that is Art in SecondLife! Here's your ticket :)


Style Card for Courtesan

Hair:      Vanity Hair ~ Pixivor Light Red
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna ~ Gala MVW 2013 Elite Set
               Kandi Monroe ~ The NoseKnows gold piercing
Shoes:    LivGlam ~ Gala Pumps
Makeup: Ever An' Angel ~ Tone 2014 Faces of Spring ~ Danube Embittered
               Beautiful Deluxe ~ Amante Smudge Eyeliner
               Bliss Couture ~ Princess Prim Lashes
Hands & Feet: Siddean Monroe Slink
Skin:       Belleza ~ Melissa
Eyes:       Fashism ~ Sunrise Eyes - Pale Turquoise

Style Card for Giada Gown

Hair:       Exile ~ Criminal
Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna ~ Czarina Topaz/Antique Pearls
                Zuri Rayna ~ Sarah Head Piece Azul/14K Gold
Shoes:     Miamai ~ Natur'O Pumps Stardust
Makeup:  Ever An' Angel ~ Tone Faces - Exotics - Deep Lip - 3
Hands & Feet: Siddean Monroe Slink
Skin:       Belleza ~ Melissa
Eyes:       Fashism ~ Sunrise Eyes - Pale Turquoise             

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Has everyone attended the FashionArt Fair yet? It's still going strong until May 31st and there are so many great artists represented there! And I'm referring both to the real life artists that are the inspiration and the designers who've used that inspiration to bring us these wonderful creations!!

The first one I'd like to share is from Kastle Rock Couture and Spooky Mistwallow called Oils on Velvet Gown...

Photography by: Kodaijin Starfall

This stunning A-style garden gown has a deep V'd bodice with a squared back and a sexy little cutout at mid-back is there as well. The clingy light velvet material molds sensually to every curve then flares into a gentle wave at your feet. It comes in several colors... I'm wearing the Peach but it also comes in Blue, Green, Pink and Purple.

Spooky added a gorgeous flower attachment at the right shoulder. The different colors tiger lilies hold a thin drape of filmy chiffon in the same diffused floral print that compliment the beautiful gown and help bring it even more to life.  This is the type of gown that will suit almost any taste... it's simple style creates an elegant yet easy summer style just right for steamy nights!


Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna's Lil Gem Daisy Set in Pink & Silver
Hair:       Emo-tions ~ Deidre
Shoes:     Essenz ~ Manhattan
Makeup: Ever An' Angel ~ Tone Faces-Exotics
                MysTique ~ Isis Eyeliner
                GA Mesh Lashes ~ Divina
Skin:       Belleza ~ Melissa Tan

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Are You Sprung Yet (Part 2)

Spring is almost over and I apologize for not getting this second outfit to you sooner! The second designer I wanted to feature is Guilia Design!  I first saw this outfit when I was writing the script for an AIM Production fashion show that was held in April.

A little about Guilia? Guilia Design started by, a relatively new designer to hit the SL fashion scene, Ms. Guilia Aura! Ms. Aura began in 2010 creating simple designs gradually refining her skills by adding more details, elegance and finesse to her creations. Her Italian brand ranges from casual to vogue to formal to avant-garde. Ms. Aura has done this in a way that's affordable to everyone and in so doing, has gained much success as shown by her group's nearly 7600 members. Guilia Design evolves more every day and seeks to renew itself every time a new design is presented.

Where I continued to write... "Our first amazing design is BlackPassion worn by the vivacious Desireme. Look closely at this dazzling black and white gown as it will delight you with its hidden nuance. A mix of luscious silk, taffeta and chiffon make up this extraordinary gown starting with the ruffled taffeta bodice atop the flower/deco design with and black corset and ending in the black silk floor-length trumpet skirt with chiffon underskirts and train." Desireme is not wearing this amazing gown this time though, I am!

Unbelievably talented New Photograher, Kodaijin Starfall

"Guilia has provided incredible attachments to accomplish a work of art in a bustle of taffeta and silk at the top of the chiffon train, a stunning two-pieced headdress of feathers, fronds and silk outlined by an arched jeweled crown of large pear-shaped diamonds and large round pearls set in gold. She also provides long elbow-length formal black gloves with cuffs to complete the striking finery."

One of the most amazing things I found out about this dress is something you cannot tell from a picture. I would have never known had I gotten curious enough to actually go buy it and try it on! After doing that, I was able to add this, "And the hidden nuance I asked you to look closely for? Can you see the moving stars, Guilia ingeniously added to the black silk and black print on the corset? Making it appear to sparkle and gleam whether you are moving or standing elegantly still! A singularly unique creation!"

I hope you will find this gown as incomparable as I have!


Styling Card:
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna's Czarina Set in Onyx & White Pearls
Hair:  Amacci ~ Maria-Dark Copper
Makeup: Amacci ~ Eye Tattoo Divine/Silver Lash & Miamai Shadow 01
Skin:  Belleza ~ Melissa Tan

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