Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Well Independence Day just passed again and we just passed Canada Day too! So for all my Canadian friends, which I do have quite a few, hope you had a wonderful and happy Canada Day!!

Independence Day means so many things to us Americans, but mostly nowadays, it's a day we get to relax, have a 3-day weekend and spend time with our families outside with the barbeque and playing or just having fun. In the spirit of that, I had fun doing the following styling for my 4th of July fun! These are just some of the "fun" finds I found over the years while putting together the perfect outfit to celebrate!


Set off your own Independence Day sparks!
Image Essentials Studio & Poses

Elettra Guzman always seems to have something fun out for this holiday and this year she has a stunning tribute to America's Independence Day. A silky gown with a spaghetti strapped sweetheart  bodice. The shimmering silk clings wonderfully to every curve. With true Elettra style, it drapes elegantly around the feet as you walk and the mesh is of the greatest design quality. You can't go wrong with 'free' either! She also has some mesh lips out for the taking! Hurry over and get yours before it's gone!!

Image Essential Studios & Poses
Accessory Pack 1 & 2
The dynamic jewelry is being offered from my good friend, Abraxxa Anatine, owner and designer of Earthstones Jewelry! Wondrous stones in the color of the holiday set in silver but can be worn any time of the year with the right outfit. What is so amazing about this set is that it is so versatile. It can be worn with casual, couture or formal with ease. It also comes with the necklace, earrings and an equally awesome bracelet.

Image Essential Studios & Poses
Accessory Pack 1

My nails are from Moondance called StarsNStripes by another good friend, Kat Carter. They offer 10 ways to display your spirit and are an amazing match to the dress! They are slink so make sure you have the hands to use them with!

I Salute YOU!

Image Essentials has some of the most wonderful poses to fit any photographic need. Kay Weston outdoes herself and her generosity by offering free studios or holographic suites for almost any picture taking need!
The flag on my head is Snowpaws' tribute to the holiday and since then, Carrie Snowpaw, has added other country flags for anyone to purchase at a very low price of 100 Ls!! The flag is made of an extremely realistic texture, very vivid in color and depth. The pole is set with many red and blue gems on top of a black headband. A wonderful way to show off your patriotism! Thanks, Carrie!
Image Essential Female Prop Studio
Watching the fireworks!

The last item I'd like to share with you is this jewelry set from Zuri Rayna of Zuri's Jewelry. It's still a free gift from Zuri to her group. Gorgeous sapphire and garnet stones cut either in a brilliant or heartshape with white pearls and beads strung between. The earrings match but they add a fun frippery to the set with multiple dangles that swish and tinkle in your ears every time you move your head!
All of these are a great way to show the patriotism you have for your nation. SecondLife is a representation of many different nations and cultures. These types of designs allows you to let people know you are proud of where you come from, if not of all the things your nation might be involved with or doing at the moment, and have FUN doing it!
Real life was a bear last month so I didn't get a lot out to you! I'm hoping to make up for that this month... Keep an eye open!

By the way:

Hair: LeLutka ~ Vibrato
Eyes: Ikon ~ Egytian Sunrise (known to me by Fashism :p)
Skin: Belleza Melissa (an oldie but still makes me look AWESOME right?!)
Makeup: MDD

Wednesday, June 18, 2014



This is such a worthwhile event! Fashion for Life through Relay for Life raises awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society.

This event is very special for me as I've had a very close experience to the cause its for. My Mom passed away from a very aggressive strain of cancer almost 15 years ago. My daughter, who is now almost 13, was never able to meet her grandmother because she was taken by this horrific disease. I watched her deteriorate so quickly, it seemed, from doing her normal active daily routine to being in so much pain she was catatonic from the morphine right before she slipped from us. This all happened within a two year period.

My Mom was a constant gardener both literally and with all the relationships she maintained with family and friends. I try to pass on that quality to her granddaughter every day in the way I treat her and the way I advise her to treat the people in her life.

She was also an avid shopper... of garage sales, antique stores, estate sales, etc.! She belonged to a group of ladies who had that same interest. They called themselves the Biddie Committee and went on 3-4 weekend trips a year to towns around North Texas that are known for their antique stores or craft events. In memory of this, I found this quote, "You find a lot of junk when you're searching through lost and tossed photo ephemera, but every so often you'll find a gem, a wallet-sized masterpiece you're certain could hang on the wall of a gallery if only someone with a name had taken it. Find one or two of those and you're hooked for life." By Ransom Riggs

And in that vein, I want to share some of the "masterpieces" I've found at the FFL 2014! All of the designers and creators that have participated in the FFL since the 7th are gems, in my opinion. These are just a few I've put together to share so far.

A glorious multi-colored gown in bright jewel tones of blues with a mix of red and white added in for contrast with the royal and turquoise blues and black. The bodice is long sleeved with a deep scoop neck showing plenty of luscious cleavage.
Nantra Poses @ FFL 2014 ~ St. Petersburg Background
The skirt is of floor-length silk in the same texture as the bodice with diaphanous multi-layers of turquoise lace starting at the lower back ending at the feet and surrounding the front at upper thigh. It comes in 3 different colors (pink and black not shown) and is an exclusive offering to Fashion for Life 2014.

Lapidis located at
A close-up shot of the stunning accessories that are also from several different designers participating in FFL 2014. Starting with the Lapidis jewelry set from Moondance Boutique by Kat Carter. An amazing set of stones on a fine silver chain with an added pendant on the necklace. Drop earrings with a hook attachment at the ears support a large stone at each ear and nails that are coordinated in color to the gorgeous set. The Lapidis set offers a color changing HUD that includes 4 metals, 10 stone options and 10 Nail colors (the nails have both LQ Mesh nails that attach to regular or Elegant1 Slink hands and a Slink Hand HUD) so that you can wear with any outfit you desire. Unfortunately, this set is only available at the Moondance Boutique Flawless location and not at the FFL; however the Chrome Nails are. There are many other sets and one's that will be shown soon in another blog.

Nantra Poses @ FFL 2014 ~ St. Petersburg Background

The hair is a delightful messy styled updo from Emo-tions by Mirja Mills called Leena, I chose the brown pack hair color because it has a beautiful red hair in it called "Autumn". A beautiful middle part allows shorter hair to hang down in the front to frame the face while the rest of the lovely hair, which is thick and full of volume, is pulled loosely up to hang in an arranged disarray in the back. Leena is an unrigged Mesh + Flexi and each pack includes 4 hair colors with a HUD for easy change as well as the matching hair bases. And at a surprisingly low price of $122 Ls, how can you go wrong!

The last thing I added was an elegant set of eyewear by +Crie Style+ called Cantabile (B). The delicate filigree of the frame is so detailed and the lenses are slightly smoked for depth and color. +Crie Style+ is celebrating their 6th anniversary so stop by and show them you love them!

Also from JUMO, I chose to wear Leona Eyeshadow in Acquamarine Blue and Leona Red Lips as well as JUMO's Brighton Teal Heels with Studs for Slink High Feet. The rest of my style is listed below.

Thanks, again to all the gifted designers who are participating in the FFL this year!



Skin: Belleza Melissa
Shape: Exclusively Ren
Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Eyes in Pale Turquoise
Hands/Feet: Slink Elegant1 & High Feet
Beauty Mark: Tattanooga *Face Tattoo** Face Mark 002
Freckles: Alexandra Barcelos Frecks1

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Only a few more days and FFL 2014 will be open to the public!! Set up is done! There are 10 sims of fantabulous adventures, events and items to see, buy and share!

Our mission is to maximize donations to the American Cancer Society via the SL Relay for Life while creating a great sales environment for in-world avatar content (including lowered lag).

Our goal is provide complete transparency in financial and operational actions to all residents. And to have fun doing this!

Efforts and funds committed to FFL go to support American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.  We are entirely volunteer driven and 100% of the funds raised are presented as a charitable donation to ACS from the residents of Second Life.

This is an event celebrating Second Life® fashion and the many businesses that make us fabulous.

Over the years, Relay for Life SL has raised more than a million dollars to support the American Cancer Society by involving people in all the varied communities of Second Life and by sponsoring a series of mega-events such as Fashion For Life. Dozens of teams participate in raising funds as well. The entire program is an impressive display of civic and community dedication to making the world a better place in both lives.

The American Cancer Society funds research into the prevention, treatment and cure for all kinds of cancers. What many people may not know about the American Cancer Society is that despite their name, they are truly a global cancer society with programs worldwide.  The American Cancer Society also has an advocacy affiliate,  working to change policies to advance cancer prevention, treatment and research.

Loving the kid in me, Ren!

Over the next few weeks I'll try to give you as much of a glimpse of this amazing event as possible but in the meantime, here's a fun little diddy I ran across while wandering this massive collaboration!

Murderous Ren!

All of the sims are absolutely gorgeous and awe-inspiring and I've only been to two so far!

Giddy Fun Ren!

Like this ride! It's at the FreeBird showcase and it's awesome!

OMG I think I swallowed my tongue, Ren!

The next I ran into was a futuristic, Star Trek type of sim which I will impart more in my next Gem Find!


Styling is not from the FFL 2014. It's Azul's gown and the jewelry is New from Zuri Rayna. Oops! LOL

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

GEMS Found at the FashionArt Fair!

I found more Gems at the FashionArt Fair... you've seen one so far! These next two styles are from Snowpaws and Carrie Snowpaw has outdone herself again with the exclusive designs she created for this fair!! Snowpaws has been in SL since 2009 offering customers and group members more and better dresses, both formal and daywear, as well as trendy outfits and petite creations. Now she's an award winning designer but has never forgotten her roots or her customer base. She continues to bring us wonderful and imaginative creations in a very manageable price range. She also participates in many sales groups, fairs and events throughout SL and her main store bringing even better opportunities to obtain her fabulous quality wear!


Photograph by Silver Feather Studios
Kodaijin Starfall
Courtesan is an amazing old school dress that was conceived because of a request by a customer for one of Carrie's mini-dress creations to be made long. By "old school", I mean it is a system cocktail dress with prim and updated mesh attachments that make up the dress. I'm also referring to the style. It is reminiscent of the styles from the 1940's. The elegant and detailed texture of bright rich colors give Courtesan an embroidered look over a silk backing.

A delicious low sweetheart bodice has a scalloped detail to the one-shoulder A-style design. The capped sleeve and above the knee slit slim skirt have a gold tasseled fringe giving the elegance of the dress a delightfully jazzy appeal. The Courtesan is offered in Peacock (shown), Flamingo and Gold Finch.

Next in line is the...
Giada Gown
A fine velvety soft jersey knit comprises this long sleeved empire/ mermaid floor-length gown.  The deep scoop necked bodice is adorned with exquisite matching jewels and diamonds in the front and at the end of the sumptuous dip in the back almost making it unnecessary for any other trimming.

Image Essentials Studios & Poses
A trumpet skirt of jersey topped with delightful organza swells from your calves to polished triumph at your feet. In several marvelous colors and prints. Shown here in black and grey pinstripe with jewels of onyx and diamonds and romantic blue floral tie-dyed print called Frost.

Image Essentials Studios & Poses
The Arbor of Love
Frost is also shown without it's inclusive front decoration of blue topaz and diamond gems and instead is adorned by Zuri Rayna's Czarina Jewelry set
Zuri's Jewelry

made of dark blue topaz gems and antique gold pearls set in a dark antique gold in a baroque style. The head piece, although from another set called Sarah, matches ideally. Ms. Rayna's elaborately sophisticated vintage style blends two worlds together quite bewitchingly.

The long over one shoulder hair from Exile s appropriately named "Criminal" continues the come-hither styling. Ever An' Angel's Tone Faces in Exotics offer a seductive makeup along with Maimai's Natur'O Stiletto Pumps in Stardust realize the overall mysterious artistry.

Both of these wonderful designs from Snowpaws can be found at the FashionArt Fair. The fantastic poses I've used in both of these shots are available at Image Essentials Studios and Poses. Snowpaws and Image Essentials can both be found at the FashionArt Fair but only until May 31st. That's this Saturday so hurry over to see all the wonderful Fashion that is Art in SecondLife! Here's your ticket :)


Style Card for Courtesan

Hair:      Vanity Hair ~ Pixivor Light Red
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna ~ Gala MVW 2013 Elite Set
               Kandi Monroe ~ The NoseKnows gold piercing
Shoes:    LivGlam ~ Gala Pumps
Makeup: Ever An' Angel ~ Tone 2014 Faces of Spring ~ Danube Embittered
               Beautiful Deluxe ~ Amante Smudge Eyeliner
               Bliss Couture ~ Princess Prim Lashes
Hands & Feet: Siddean Monroe Slink
Skin:       Belleza ~ Melissa
Eyes:       Fashism ~ Sunrise Eyes - Pale Turquoise

Style Card for Giada Gown

Hair:       Exile ~ Criminal
Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna ~ Czarina Topaz/Antique Pearls
                Zuri Rayna ~ Sarah Head Piece Azul/14K Gold
Shoes:     Miamai ~ Natur'O Pumps Stardust
Makeup:  Ever An' Angel ~ Tone Faces - Exotics - Deep Lip - 3
Hands & Feet: Siddean Monroe Slink
Skin:       Belleza ~ Melissa
Eyes:       Fashism ~ Sunrise Eyes - Pale Turquoise             

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Has everyone attended the FashionArt Fair yet? It's still going strong until May 31st and there are so many great artists represented there! And I'm referring both to the real life artists that are the inspiration and the designers who've used that inspiration to bring us these wonderful creations!!

The first one I'd like to share is from Kastle Rock Couture and Spooky Mistwallow called Oils on Velvet Gown...

Photography by: Kodaijin Starfall

This stunning A-style garden gown has a deep V'd bodice with a squared back and a sexy little cutout at mid-back is there as well. The clingy light velvet material molds sensually to every curve then flares into a gentle wave at your feet. It comes in several colors... I'm wearing the Peach but it also comes in Blue, Green, Pink and Purple.

Spooky added a gorgeous flower attachment at the right shoulder. The different colors tiger lilies hold a thin drape of filmy chiffon in the same diffused floral print that compliment the beautiful gown and help bring it even more to life.  This is the type of gown that will suit almost any taste... it's simple style creates an elegant yet easy summer style just right for steamy nights!


Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna's Lil Gem Daisy Set in Pink & Silver
Hair:       Emo-tions ~ Deidre
Shoes:     Essenz ~ Manhattan
Makeup: Ever An' Angel ~ Tone Faces-Exotics
                MysTique ~ Isis Eyeliner
                GA Mesh Lashes ~ Divina
Skin:       Belleza ~ Melissa Tan

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Are You Sprung Yet (Part 2)

Spring is almost over and I apologize for not getting this second outfit to you sooner! The second designer I wanted to feature is Guilia Design!  I first saw this outfit when I was writing the script for an AIM Production fashion show that was held in April.

A little about Guilia? Guilia Design started by, a relatively new designer to hit the SL fashion scene, Ms. Guilia Aura! Ms. Aura began in 2010 creating simple designs gradually refining her skills by adding more details, elegance and finesse to her creations. Her Italian brand ranges from casual to vogue to formal to avant-garde. Ms. Aura has done this in a way that's affordable to everyone and in so doing, has gained much success as shown by her group's nearly 7600 members. Guilia Design evolves more every day and seeks to renew itself every time a new design is presented.

Where I continued to write... "Our first amazing design is BlackPassion worn by the vivacious Desireme. Look closely at this dazzling black and white gown as it will delight you with its hidden nuance. A mix of luscious silk, taffeta and chiffon make up this extraordinary gown starting with the ruffled taffeta bodice atop the flower/deco design with and black corset and ending in the black silk floor-length trumpet skirt with chiffon underskirts and train." Desireme is not wearing this amazing gown this time though, I am!

Unbelievably talented New Photograher, Kodaijin Starfall

"Guilia has provided incredible attachments to accomplish a work of art in a bustle of taffeta and silk at the top of the chiffon train, a stunning two-pieced headdress of feathers, fronds and silk outlined by an arched jeweled crown of large pear-shaped diamonds and large round pearls set in gold. She also provides long elbow-length formal black gloves with cuffs to complete the striking finery."

One of the most amazing things I found out about this dress is something you cannot tell from a picture. I would have never known had I gotten curious enough to actually go buy it and try it on! After doing that, I was able to add this, "And the hidden nuance I asked you to look closely for? Can you see the moving stars, Guilia ingeniously added to the black silk and black print on the corset? Making it appear to sparkle and gleam whether you are moving or standing elegantly still! A singularly unique creation!"

I hope you will find this gown as incomparable as I have!


Styling Card:
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna's Czarina Set in Onyx & White Pearls
Hair:  Amacci ~ Maria-Dark Copper
Makeup: Amacci ~ Eye Tattoo Divine/Silver Lash & Miamai Shadow 01
Skin:  Belleza ~ Melissa Tan

Saturday, April 19, 2014





New Spring Gems...

There are two new designers that have crossed my path that I'd like to introduce all my readers to. The first  is new to me even though you may have bought her dresses and are ahead of me already. "Ever An' Angel" has produced some really wonderous dress designs from vintage to roleplay to modern... formal and casual. They I did finally get a chance to try. It did look really good on my friend and I really like the eyeshadows; however, the lipsticks are a bit unusual which makes it hard to match to some outfits because of it. The piece I'm featuring though is called...
Dinner At Eight

Get it at

I love this gown! It's a very romantic evening gown full of amazing details starting with a strapless bodice that has a lace embroidered piece at the bust. A delicate tunic is worn over the sensual silk of intricate embroidery in black hanging to the hips. The shimmering silken gown itself, in A-line style, is a duo-tone and available several different color combinations. The skirt is an added layer to the gown and is a sexy semi-transparent silk that billows out from the knees and is trimmed with a row of black lace showing that the enthralling gown is trimmed in matching black lace underneath!

Antique Pink Pearls and Diamonds
from Zuri Rayna of Zuri's Jewelry

Amazing vintage jewelry set from Zuri's! Four rows of lovely pink cultured pearls with a huge pear shaped diamond in the center. A dainty filigree of shiny silver is the setting for smaller pearls dangling from the center. A matching bracelet with three rows of matching pink pearls. The gleaming silver filigree; however, is in the center of the bracelet and hosts smaller similar pearls along with a large brilliant diamond in the center. The earrings are as stunning as the rest of the set they belong to. A hook piercing attached to a large pink cultured pearl supports a finely designed silver filigree with the elegant small pearls set ornately around a pear shaped diamond in the center and a larger tear drop shaped pearl beneath that. Gorgeous!!

Hair:         Emo-tions ~ Mabel in Flames
Shoes:      KoiKoi ~ Perfetti
Makeup:   Glamorize: Vices Sweet Pink
Skin:         [Hush]: Jenny
Eyes:        Fashism Sunrise-Pale Turquoise

MORE on the way!



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Did You Spring Back?!?

Spring is almost here!
Sunday night at midnight we, in the US, rolled our clocks back an hour for daylight savings time! Some of us may have forgotten... some may have done it but gone thrown off because SL did not do it! hahaha! This is one of the signs we have that winter is almost over and spring is about to arrive. Whew... I am soo glad! Not that the SL creativity has slowed it's pace, but I for one am ready to start concentrating on a more sunny environment!
There is SO much going on right now it's totally NUTZ! Here's a little of what I know is happening:
The World Tour Hunt 2014
(This brand new Kastle/Electric hunt features 7 small paths of
no more than 20 stores each, themed after the continents.)
Moolto Sister's Hunt (all this month)
Relay For Life
(American Cancer Society & too many designers to name across the grid)
Women/Menstuff MegaHunt
Mardi Gras
FaMESHed (almost over)
Whore Fair (almost over)
Love Is In The Air (over or almost)
St. Patrick's Day (next Sat)
I have been traveling and hunting quite a bit and searching for information you, my readers, have expressed your appreciation about in the past (i.e. up-to-date where to find lists for everything SL). Drumroll please ....
An updated shoe list is on the way! Especially Slink add-on designers since they seem to be the most popular at the moment. I will list the other alternative options you have for Slink feet on this list as well. I look forward to getting this information to you and having your feedback on updates I may have missed or just happened.
In the meantime...
I eagerly bring some formal Gems I found!


As I shiver delightfully in the remnants of winter around the grid in this wardrobe essential from Kastle Rock and Spooky Mistwallow, this mesh one-piece gives you the look of a two-piece formal gown.  A classic styling of silver sequins make up a provocative deep V'd sleeveless, tunic length, halter styled bodice.
Gathered in a V at the bottom around the hips and belted with a stunningly detailed wide steel belt. The bare back of halts just above the belt exposing just enough skin to lure that special male into a close dance or soft embrace.
The form-fitting, glittery bodice covers a long A-line satiny black skirt that elegantly swirls in what's called a "trumpet" around the ankles in a tickle of soft perfection. This is a gown you would picture adorning one of the greats like Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich! I need a wrap!
Come get me at
While winter at midnight offers some interesting color tones to compliment the enticing outfit, I found a more suitable, slightly warmer climate to show my admiration of this captivating gown! A contrasting but suitable spring background and an aristocratic setting where no wrap is required!

Taken at
A combination of Finesmith's edgy Grapa Darkness necklace and bracelet, Emo-tions stylishly disarrayed updo, Tyra, in flames and Look At Me earrings creates a daringly innovative look.

Taken at The Lost Town

Tulip's Twisted Sandals, I found at Collabor8 for Slink feet, compliment my styling of the opera-worthy design.

Skin: Belleza-Mellisa, Slink hands adorned with ZOZ Silver Swirl Polish, Makeup is enhanced by Game in white/black by White Widow surrounding Fashism's Sunrise Pale Turquoise eyes and Bliss' Princess gloriously long prim lashes.

White Widow's Game in black/white

Snowpaw's Rosazul
Carnation Gown


This delectable strapless gown is an impeccable choice for either the Love we've recently shared in February or the season of Spring, which is right around the corner! Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaw Fashions has provided her loyal followers with another masterpiece!

Taken at Image Essentials Studio,

Starting at the top of this form-fitting silky mermaid gown is a romantic sweetheart bodice in a bright floral pattern of tie-dyed orchids. One of the bewitching details Ms. Snowpaw put so lovingly into this gown is the eye-catching diamonds set in gold that outline the top of the bust. She continues with an intricate lattice work of shiny copper and amethyst gems laying delicately across the open expanse of chest.

Includes Zuri Rayna's Embrace Set, Amacci's Caryn Updo, White Widow's Valentine Pink & Glamorize Bright Berry Lips
The back dips precariously down to the top of the buttocks dipping dangerously to show all the sensual curves of the back and held together by thin crisscrossed straps and a large cut amethyst gem at the end of the dip. A fragrant orchid lei rests exquisitely on the hip. It has several flowing prim skirt choices to choose from. From  short to long skirt lengths, it leaves a train of gauzy layered chiffon confection to follow in your wake or whirl around your feet as you saunter or dance your way to wherever you may be going. It also comes in several colors of soft silken orchid prints.

Amacci's  Maria
Part of the February finery, Zuri Rayna's enchanting Embrace collection brings out the green in the leaves of the floral texture of the gown adding another layer of elegance. Zuri Jewelry's use of alexandrite is stunning in this gold collar design necklace that has a large pear shaped gem pointed up at the point then another gem of equal size dangling below in a pendant of detailed thick waved gold setting.
The earrings are made to match also with two alexandrite gems in a gold setting to match the pendant.

Amacci's  Caryn; Chop Zuey's Heart & Soul Set

I found three (3) hairstyles I thought enhanced Ms. Snowpaw's ensemble and all were from Amacci.

Amacci's  Estra; Chop Zuey's Heart & Soul Set
All have delicately stunning flower(s) adorning the updo which are comprised of sophisticatedly woven locks giving a unique look in each coiffure. Each have color-changing flower attachments with 15 colors to choose from. Maria offers three (3) flower versions and a resize option. Caryn includes the 15 colors and a necklace and handwrist flower.

For makeup, I was equally entranced by White Widow's Valentine Pink eye tattoo and Amacci's Eye Tattoo Divine in Green Lash. Each creating a dramatic effect to complement Snowpaw's exciting spring creation!

More exciting spring and holiday choices to entice and fire your imagination to come! HUGS!


Monday, February 10, 2014


 Y  Valentine's Day is just 4 days away! For my Valentine, who's birthday was on the 4th, I got a little something that will remind him of me every time he starts the car! Combined with his favorite animal... it seemed the perfect starter for more birthday fun! It's a little pink pig keychain that lights up on the nose and oinks when you push the button!! HAHAHA!  Hmmm, wonder what you'll be getting your Valentine... and what you're going to wear!?!

    Well, in case you're going out or decide just to have a snuggle in by the fire with your Valentine, here's a few suggestions from my favorite and amazingly unique friends! This is the first installment of several outfits. The two that I've chosen are from the same designer; however, each have a unique flair. The first is a mix and match where each piece is sold separately and great for those high altitude romps through the snow before warming up in front of a roaring fire to snuggle!

Taken at Image Essential Studios at

    Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture has designed a form fitting white mesh Valentine jacket. Incredibly trendy with etched silver buttons over a silver zipper. Spooky included buttoned pockets as well to keep your hands toasty for the few weeks we have left of winter. The jacket has been left unzipped to show a high collar made of fleece in a holiday trendy pink heart print. Her customary flair for detail is fantastic!

     Choosing the stylish brown and pink theme, I chose KRC's Midwaist Skinny Pants in brown to wear with GOS Pink Triumph boots for trekking through the snow or cold rain, depending on where you are. Asymetrique jewelry by Je Suis is the perfect titivation afforded by the color changing options provided. Marzia Ackles created a "gem" with this one! Although this jacket can be worn without an undershirt for a more sexy appeal, I chose to wear a light sleeveless mesh sweater tinted in a matching color by Shelby Silverspar. Belleza - Melissa tan skin and Slink elegant hands are a staple for me along with Fashism's Sunrise eyes in Pale Turquoise. Lastly for the perfect snow bunny look, I chose Amacci's Karen hair in Henna that has a delightful color changing wool hair band over a pulled back and teased retro casual style.

     Second outfit on the agenda is KRC's Chanell Trench Coat. A modish mesh coat made of a gorgeous paisley print mixing red, burgundy, coral and black colors within the material. Black satin/linen  mix trims the collar, a belted trim at the cuffs and waist. The belt is jauntily tied instead of buckled.

     This coat grants an impeccable picture as you jet around the grid looking for that unique gift or exploring with your Valentine.  Stunning by itself as a dress, as I chose to wear it or over pants or a skirt (carefully chosen) to wear underneath. My Audrey Hepburn inspired styling was spruced up a bit by the romantic Venice Rose jewelry set by Zuri Rayna. An impressive array of old world elegance entwined with modern vogue, these glittering rubies set in gold surround your neck with glamour finding a single rose on the right illuminated by a spray of gold filigree concluding the effect. The earrings of just a single smaller rose adorned by the spray of gold filigree are a flawless accompaniment.

     Following the motif, I added an Audrey hat by Ellysium adjusting the beige band to a burgundy on top of Truth's Fernanda, an elegantly dashing updo with a braided side part leading to a loose knot behind the left ear and a light lock escaping confinement on the right.

     WWI Army Girl Garters in Jet Black by Minde Mills, which I found on the marketplace, adds a pinch of burlesque and Prestige boots in grape (a choice of the red leather package) by BAX always add that certain distinction to any outfit. I also added BBE's Subtle Pink Shadow to my Belleza-Melissa skin and Zuri's Ruby Princess ring set in gold patina to my Slink elegant hands... and VIOLA! a stunning travel outfit!



Sunday, January 26, 2014

Looonngg Break Is Finally Over!

Hugs everyone,

     I am sooo glad to be back in SL! I have lots of wonderful new news to share that I'm hoping you will be equally excited about!

     First, I think I've finally gotten a handle on how Mesh works well enough to be comfortable in starting to style again! LOL It's been somewhat of a trial since I first logged on again to see what I could and couldn't do with it. I'm still learning, of course! However, I have plans to pass on whatever I find out to you so that you won't have to go through the same trial and error. Unless you've already been through the process! And, if you have, please comment and let me know if I've left anything out or if there is something I haven't covered yet.

     Second, I recently started working with a wonderful SL designer, Spooky Mistwallow, over at Kastle Rock Couture. Spooky and I first met in the first six months of when she started KR; however, we never got the chance to actually work together until recently. This is a tremendous group of dedicated people who have an imaginatively talented designer's coffers to share throughout SL. Kastle Rock offers Women's and Men's fashions while Mirage, a subsidiary of KR, offers Roleplay fashions focusing on an Arabian style as well as decorations and furniture. Even though she has her own blog(s), I've created a page to show you my rendition of each week's "Hot Off The Press" news as it hits each Thursday! This is one of my favorites on sale this week in Black...

     Kastle Rock's Tahoe Jacket is a form fitting high-necked jacket lined in soft sheep's skin is covered in a soft kid leather for flexibility and weather resistance. The delightfully stylish design will keep you toasty in the remaining winter months while providing the details you crave in the neck, cuffs and a matching belt tied at the waist in a way to add just the right touch of femininity. KR's white mesh mid-waist skinny pants go perfectly! You can see all the stunning creations and specials on their blog here in the BlogSpot for KR!

     I chose Lindy's Rowena ankle boots in Tawny and mesh Mina Hair's Carlijn with a wool toboggan that offers texture change. Although I'm not wearing much jewelry, you can occasionally glimpse my Wanderer earrings by League that are made of what looks like a gorgeously used copper penny metal. Apropos since the earring itself is an ancient coin with a square hole in the middle dangling from hook piercings. And, of course, I'm wearing relaxed Slink mesh hands and Melissa skin by Belleza.

     Kastle Rock also has a new venue for roleplaying designers and players alike... TREASURE MARKET! I've devoted a whole new page for them. You may either click the link to go to the BlogSpot for Mirage and see all the wonderful roleplaying creations along with everything Mirage has to offer or for just scroll to the top and look left to see the page here.

  Treasure Market - Weekend Bargain Bazaar was run for several years with a great deal of success at Kastle Rock Couture. Now it's back and its at Mirage!
   The market will differ this time in the sense that it will now cater to the roleplay crowd. The items may or may not be brand new creations, but they will only appear in the market once and they will be 50% off or less!
   Just head to the right after landing at Mirage, you'll find Treasure Market in the middle of the bazaar area.

     So whether you want to display your wares or are looking for the right item to decorate your home or Avatar, you'll find it in this exciting Arabian-style sim!

Many more blogs to come!

HUGS and Keep Reading!!


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