Sunday, January 26, 2014

Looonngg Break Is Finally Over!

Hugs everyone,

     I am sooo glad to be back in SL! I have lots of wonderful new news to share that I'm hoping you will be equally excited about!

     First, I think I've finally gotten a handle on how Mesh works well enough to be comfortable in starting to style again! LOL It's been somewhat of a trial since I first logged on again to see what I could and couldn't do with it. I'm still learning, of course! However, I have plans to pass on whatever I find out to you so that you won't have to go through the same trial and error. Unless you've already been through the process! And, if you have, please comment and let me know if I've left anything out or if there is something I haven't covered yet.

     Second, I recently started working with a wonderful SL designer, Spooky Mistwallow, over at Kastle Rock Couture. Spooky and I first met in the first six months of when she started KR; however, we never got the chance to actually work together until recently. This is a tremendous group of dedicated people who have an imaginatively talented designer's coffers to share throughout SL. Kastle Rock offers Women's and Men's fashions while Mirage, a subsidiary of KR, offers Roleplay fashions focusing on an Arabian style as well as decorations and furniture. Even though she has her own blog(s), I've created a page to show you my rendition of each week's "Hot Off The Press" news as it hits each Thursday! This is one of my favorites on sale this week in Black...

     Kastle Rock's Tahoe Jacket is a form fitting high-necked jacket lined in soft sheep's skin is covered in a soft kid leather for flexibility and weather resistance. The delightfully stylish design will keep you toasty in the remaining winter months while providing the details you crave in the neck, cuffs and a matching belt tied at the waist in a way to add just the right touch of femininity. KR's white mesh mid-waist skinny pants go perfectly! You can see all the stunning creations and specials on their blog here in the BlogSpot for KR!

     I chose Lindy's Rowena ankle boots in Tawny and mesh Mina Hair's Carlijn with a wool toboggan that offers texture change. Although I'm not wearing much jewelry, you can occasionally glimpse my Wanderer earrings by League that are made of what looks like a gorgeously used copper penny metal. Apropos since the earring itself is an ancient coin with a square hole in the middle dangling from hook piercings. And, of course, I'm wearing relaxed Slink mesh hands and Melissa skin by Belleza.

     Kastle Rock also has a new venue for roleplaying designers and players alike... TREASURE MARKET! I've devoted a whole new page for them. You may either click the link to go to the BlogSpot for Mirage and see all the wonderful roleplaying creations along with everything Mirage has to offer or for just scroll to the top and look left to see the page here.

  Treasure Market - Weekend Bargain Bazaar was run for several years with a great deal of success at Kastle Rock Couture. Now it's back and its at Mirage!
   The market will differ this time in the sense that it will now cater to the roleplay crowd. The items may or may not be brand new creations, but they will only appear in the market once and they will be 50% off or less!
   Just head to the right after landing at Mirage, you'll find Treasure Market in the middle of the bazaar area.

     So whether you want to display your wares or are looking for the right item to decorate your home or Avatar, you'll find it in this exciting Arabian-style sim!

Many more blogs to come!

HUGS and Keep Reading!!


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