Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Well Independence Day just passed again and we just passed Canada Day too! So for all my Canadian friends, which I do have quite a few, hope you had a wonderful and happy Canada Day!!

Independence Day means so many things to us Americans, but mostly nowadays, it's a day we get to relax, have a 3-day weekend and spend time with our families outside with the barbeque and playing or just having fun. In the spirit of that, I had fun doing the following styling for my 4th of July fun! These are just some of the "fun" finds I found over the years while putting together the perfect outfit to celebrate!


Set off your own Independence Day sparks!
Image Essentials Studio & Poses

Elettra Guzman always seems to have something fun out for this holiday and this year she has a stunning tribute to America's Independence Day. A silky gown with a spaghetti strapped sweetheart  bodice. The shimmering silk clings wonderfully to every curve. With true Elettra style, it drapes elegantly around the feet as you walk and the mesh is of the greatest design quality. You can't go wrong with 'free' either! She also has some mesh lips out for the taking! Hurry over and get yours before it's gone!!

Image Essential Studios & Poses
Accessory Pack 1 & 2
The dynamic jewelry is being offered from my good friend, Abraxxa Anatine, owner and designer of Earthstones Jewelry! Wondrous stones in the color of the holiday set in silver but can be worn any time of the year with the right outfit. What is so amazing about this set is that it is so versatile. It can be worn with casual, couture or formal with ease. It also comes with the necklace, earrings and an equally awesome bracelet.

Image Essential Studios & Poses
Accessory Pack 1

My nails are from Moondance called StarsNStripes by another good friend, Kat Carter. They offer 10 ways to display your spirit and are an amazing match to the dress! They are slink so make sure you have the hands to use them with!

I Salute YOU!

Image Essentials has some of the most wonderful poses to fit any photographic need. Kay Weston outdoes herself and her generosity by offering free studios or holographic suites for almost any picture taking need!
The flag on my head is Snowpaws' tribute to the holiday and since then, Carrie Snowpaw, has added other country flags for anyone to purchase at a very low price of 100 Ls!! The flag is made of an extremely realistic texture, very vivid in color and depth. The pole is set with many red and blue gems on top of a black headband. A wonderful way to show off your patriotism! Thanks, Carrie!
Image Essential Female Prop Studio
Watching the fireworks!

The last item I'd like to share with you is this jewelry set from Zuri Rayna of Zuri's Jewelry. It's still a free gift from Zuri to her group. Gorgeous sapphire and garnet stones cut either in a brilliant or heartshape with white pearls and beads strung between. The earrings match but they add a fun frippery to the set with multiple dangles that swish and tinkle in your ears every time you move your head!
All of these are a great way to show the patriotism you have for your nation. SecondLife is a representation of many different nations and cultures. These types of designs allows you to let people know you are proud of where you come from, if not of all the things your nation might be involved with or doing at the moment, and have FUN doing it!
Real life was a bear last month so I didn't get a lot out to you! I'm hoping to make up for that this month... Keep an eye open!

By the way:

Hair: LeLutka ~ Vibrato
Eyes: Ikon ~ Egytian Sunrise (known to me by Fashism :p)
Skin: Belleza Melissa (an oldie but still makes me look AWESOME right?!)
Makeup: MDD

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